Welcome to the website of the Ingenieurbüro Dr. Abel GmbH.

As a consulting company for development, project management, business process analysis and programming, we have three decades of experience in projects at companies, research centers and universities.

Our main topics include:

  • development of firmware and hardware for microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi,
  • electronic trading interfaces (WITA, S/PRI, WBCI, ESAA, BMECat, DATANORM),
  • business process analysis,
  • ETL, SQL and DWH development and programming,
  • project management,
  • design of technical indicators and trading systems for the financial market,
  • robots and robot imaging algorithms,
  • medical image data processing (DICOM) and
  • data compression (Burrows-Wheeler-Transformation).

Worldwide, more than 100,000 of our programs have been distributed.

In Holland, we work as reviewers for the Elsevier publishing house (Journal of Systems and Software, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation).

Numerous scientific articles have been published at home and abroad in the publishing houses of Springer (Computer Science – Research and Development), VDI (Progress Reports), De Gruyter (PIK – Practice of Information Processing and Communication), Wiley (Software: Practice & Experience), IEEE (Transactions on Computers), Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers (Proceedings of SPIE), American Physical Society (Physical Review B) and The Electrochemical Society (JES).

For the RoboCup SPL we have developed together with the HTWK Leipzig algorithms in the field of image data processing for the field recognition.

Training courses, seminars and lectures were held by us in Germany, Great Britain and the United States of America in companies (Henkel KG aA), research centers (KFA Jülich) and universities (RWTH Aachen, data center of RWTH Aachen University, RWTH Aachen University Hospital, University of Duisburg, Dusseldorf University of Technology, Bangor University, University of South Dakota, Data Compression Conference at the Cliff Lodge convention center).

For telecommunications companies, we developed and integrated telecommunication interfaces into the customer IT (WITA, S/PRI, WBCI, eCaSS, ESAA) and developed the analysis system TAS, which allows to analyze and visualize numerous business metrics of telecommunications companies.


There is a site about an embedded project using a Raspberry Pi for building a seismometer with spectral analyzis:


Build your own seismometer with spectral seismic analytics


One of our current projects is a STEM drone for universities and schools using self localisation with LIDAR and TOF laser, NVIDIA JETSON NANO AI board for object and face recognitation, image processing with OpenCV and many other tools.


Thank you very much for visiting our page.

Dr. Jürgen Abel

Dr. Jürgen Abel